Ternstrom Consulting manages and conducts evaluations of projects, programmes and organisations. Our experience ranges from reviews of small projects to complex evaluations involving several countries, activities and disciplines.

Our clients include government agencies, international and national NGOs and CSOs. Missions carried out includes evaluations, studies, reviews and research in the areas of development and humanitarian aid, disaster relief, natural resource management and strengthening civil society.

Our key competence is the evaluation process. We follow OECD/DAC criteria and adapt approach and methodology to the specific task and context of each assignment. We use mixed methods, encourage interactive learning and prefer participatory approaches. Our emphasis is on designing the evaluation process for maximum support to organisational improvement. We combine our approach and knowledge with great respect for meetings with individuals.

We have a network of consultants across the world, enabling us to put together teams with members that are familiar with the countries and regions in which we carry out assignments. Our consultants have the ability to interpret and understand both the local situation and the developments and events at the macro level and to translate these into concrete consequences for the client. Our evaluation teams are characterised by quality, experience and heterogeneity.

One of our key strengths is that we have the organisation and the ability to assemble and lead consultant teams that fit both in skills, culture and contextual knowledge to each assignment – the composition of our teams reflects what we will be studying. We ensure that the teams have the skills needed to assess the different areas that are relevant and synergies between these, and invest in team building to make sure the skills are used efficiently.